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“A True Breakthrough.”

“We met with the mayor of our city to offer him our online audio service, and we followed the exact mindset and language that is in your self-study program to make the sale happen with the mayor. I’m convinced if I would have used the approach I had been using for years (same sales approach that most everyone uses) this sale would have never happened.

Unlock The Game gets the dialog going, resulting in a win/win outcome without playing the dreaded sales game.”

Bob Donovan
Best Solutions, Inc.
“Ari, thank you so much for the program “Handling Objections.” I had a few members of my sales team join in on the call, and we all learned something! We are planning on role-playing (as you did) at our next team meeting, so that everyone can take advantage of what we learned. Thanks again!”
Lee Embree
District Manager, Commercial Accounts, Sprint Canada Inc.
“Sales are up, my team has a new energy and focus, and I’m learning new sales techniques that diffuse pressure from the sales process. Your Unlock The Game is a natural sales approach, compared to most other sales training approaches that relay on tactics that cause the prospect to retreat. Ari has figured out a way to codify and systematize the mindset in a manner that makes it easily transferable to others.”
Toby Copeland
Director of Sales, CompleteComm, Inc.

“Making cold calls by not trying to sell, now that’s what I call happiness!”

“Humbleness, sincerity and helping people, I’m so glad that someone had the guts to stand up and say enough of this old-school selling nonsense! Ari’s program is the only sales program that actually helps you make more sales without having to be more aggressive. It’s such a relief to know that the more I can get away from a sales pitch and the more I focus on solving client problems, the more sales I’ll make. Thank you for the newfound energy and path to sales that really allows me to be productive while being natural and sincere to others.”

Robert Murray
Regional Consultant, Qwest Telecommunications
“I have used your call calling tips from your Unlock The Game this past week with GREAT results. I have hated cold calling until now. This method fits my personality and I find that people now try to give me information and they are nice about it. Thanks Ari!”
Michelle Ward
Senior Account Executive, XO Communications
“The ‘fear of phone’ has been raging out of control to the point of non-action and prayer was answered in finding your program. It is the key for me to unlock the rest of the “doors” that have been closed for such a long time allowing me to soar once again. Your mindset is the glue that solidified the gaps I was feeling and it supplied the missing puzzle parts to get me back on track. Ari, your training is what will set me back on my feet, racing joyfully to fulfillment of dreams and goals.”
Kate Marrs
Consultant, KM & Associates

“The dread of cold calling is finally over.”

“I never thought it would be possible to eliminate the rejection and pain that I experienced. The Unlock The Game program is so different yet makes so much sense, I implemented the ideas and my fear of cold calling began to melt away. It wasn’t because of a new “line” or new “script”, it was because Ari’s ideas fundamentally shifted the way I viewed how to call on someone without working myself into a frenzy. I’m now the top producer in my territory and oh, cold calling is now fun again!”

Lason Perkins
Sales Consultant, The College Network