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“I’m loving this program, I’m already making new sales and feeling good about it!”

“Well first things first: The reason why I invested in Ari’s program was because I was following ‘old school’ sales techniques for my entire career. Nonetheless, I have learned, I opened my mind to challenging my sales belief system and have been doing so well with Unlock The Game that I will NEVER follow old sales techniques again. This has been truly life changing. Who would have thought, after buying every sales book and CD out there and being on the verge of giving up, I’d find this material which has completely changed my attitude, mindset and results. Creating trust between seller and buyer IS the secret and Ari has cracked the code on that.”

Marcus Baker
LCS Training

“Nothing Speaks Louder Than $32,000 in ROI”

“I invested an insignificant amount of money to study the Unlock The Game mindset and up to this date, I have earned exactly $32,000 of new revenue I wouldn’t have had if I hadn't learned about Ari’s program. I’ve been in the training business a very long time and I’ve seen ideas come and go. Unlock The Game is an idea ahead of it’s time and I just hope my competitors don’t find out about it:). If you have an ounce of skepticism, call me and I’ll put your mind at ease.”

Rick Itzkowich
VP of Corporate Programs, Productive Learning and Leisure

“I love sales again because Ari teaches how to infuse authentic trust in the sales process.”

“I’ve been looking for something like this for years. I immediately took action the minute I bought Ari’s materials. I started slowing down my dialog, lowering my voice to a relaxed natural voice, using intentional pauses and being sure to only do about 15% of the talking. Well… I connected with my prospects today and had one of the most genuine sales that I have ever had!! I was in conversation with this guy for over an hour as he told me everything that was going on in his life and we really became friends. He is joining my team and I made not only a sale but a real friend. Thank you so much Ari, this is fantastic, I love sales again because of you and your program Thank You Ari for the system that made it happen! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s calls!

Mark Galloway
VP of Corporate Programs, Unlimited Potential Group

“After 35 years of selling, I feel like I’ve been born again.”

“I have been through every selling program you can imagine over the last 35 years. And I’ve done very well. I’ve made a lot of sales, but until I absorbed the Unlock The Game Mindset, I never realized how many sales I was LOSING. I picked up old selling habits that have been slowly bringing me down. What Ari has done is helped me think differently and step out of my “sales” role, so I could be myself again when I’m cold calling. What does this mean? It means I’m no longer burning opportunities with my old sales habits, I’m building trust on the phone, and I’m selling much more, and I’m happy again.”

Jerry Gasche
CIO, Mind Serve Group

“Now I know how to sell by being myself and not a ‘salesperson.'”

“My whole approach to selling has been indoctrinated over the last 11 years working for various companies. My first ever sales manager told me that “Selling is a numbers game and you must apply pressure, pressure to get the sale”. Ari you made me realize, that way of thinking is comes from the dinosaur age of selling. Your Unlock the Game program has re-programmed my mindset completely and I now look forward to picking up the phone and having a conversation with whoever is at the other end, be it gatekeeper or decision maker. You have also taught me that approaching people from a human and humble perspective with no hidden agendas and simply talking to people and opening up a conversation about their issues, not my solutions really does work. As you state Ari, the mindset really does apply to sales people and non-sales people alike and I’m proof of that because I can now be myself which, after all, is what I’m best at.”

Chris Barnard
Managing Director, P-Tek Development Solutions - U.K.

“Your program resonates with my heart, soul and mind – to the core – like nothing else I’ve ever read or heard.”

“Hi Ari, I’ve just gone through your Unlock The Game program and I am blown away by what I’ve absorbed so far. I’ve been an entrepreneur – and therefore in sales – since 1982 and have studied selling extensively. Your program resonates with my heart, soul and mind – to the core – like nothing else I’ve ever read or heard. And who YOU are – a person of such authenticity and integrity – is a joy to behold. Your calm, humble manner serves as a wonderful role image to hold in my mind as I speak with people on the phone. Thank you for putting together this incredible system!”

Meredith Bell
Newport News, VA, Performance Support Systems, Inc.