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  1. Wycliffe

    I really have found the best teacher of my life. I have been looking for one like you Ari.I work in an industry full of objections,I believe I will be able to double my sales very soon. Thank you for the video.


  2. Joseph Sanders

    This information is the best I have ever seen about diffusing pressure in the sales process and approaching new prospects. Thanks Ari!


  3. Sanjay Pradhan

    Very Interesting , impressive and helpful .
    Thank you for the video link


  4. Benjamin Arroyo

    Thanks for sending me this video, 5 years after “Unlock The Game” it is now that it’s content will be most valuable. I am a 9/11 survivor from NYC who is soon to go into business for self, in an attempt to rebuild my economic life.

    Thanks again for the video and i welcome any more you can send.

    Orlando, Florida

  5. Rialto, CA

    Your training is the best. I was once struggling to book tours at a resort,until I got a sample of your training on the internet. I went from struggling, to booking more than enough tours,and winning the contest for the most sales for the year. And that was through going through your 10 week boot camp series,which was about 8 years ago. The nuggets you give out are priceless!

    Deborah Mayers

  6. Michael Robins

    Great stuff in a world that desperately needs ways to open up to communication. Thanks, Ari

    United States

  7. Freda Anderson

    My daily prayer before work is, Lord I want appointments with people You want me to help that are motivated and want to be helped by me. Last week I found your website with the changes I need to make to get the results. I call this answered prayer.

    San Diego, California

  8. Brendan

    Hi Ari,
    This is wonderful stuff!

    I have been going through dozens of sales books, and this is probably the best and most universal method to use no matter what youre selling.

    Looking forward to hearing more



  9. Francisco Hernandez Jr

    Hello Ari
    This way of thinking and expressing the language is awesome . I also have to say that you are a fantastic teacher down to earth and pretty cool guy.
    Thank you very much for your free info videos they were a Blessing . Looking forward to recieving more powerpacked strategies from you.
    Frank HJr

    Chicago Il USA

  10. Iveta

    Thank you very much Ari, your way of thinking and attitude is workable in any aspect in human relationships.


  11. Michael Dodd

    Hi Ari, This is simply awesome material everyone needs for everyday relationships also, its not just for sales people. This will help me no end in my current mobile app business to business sales.

    Adelaide, Australia

  12. Remove Sales Pressure

    Just as you hope to teach us to do with our prospects, you leave me wanting to know more. I find your new perspective on language use excellent.

    Montreal, Canada

  13. Gavin Anmos


    It is only by chance I came upon your vidoes while surfing on YOU TUBE…….I have been living every word you preach about…..and I am so thankful that there is someone else who believes that sales is all baout building TRUST AND INTEGRITY….and I mention this on every email I send to prospective customers.

    Mississauga, Canada

  14. Mike Brown

    Thanks Ari
    You have done what I have struggled to do my whole selling career, I look foreword to learning from you.
    I have boxed up all of my other selling books and Cds and will only apply your material.

    Citrus Heights Ca.

  15. Max Ellaham

    Its all about the prospects! When making the calls, watch out for that pitch! well done..
    Thanks for the insight.

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  16. Jeff Keup

    Awesome Ari! It is a process that diffuses tension, pressure, and stress for both parties that makes clear communication easier. This processs will undoubtedly help customers more willing to buy products and services.

    San diego, ca

  17. James

    Ari, the market is changing and becoming more sophisticated and your approach is just eye opening. Can’t get enough and am applying parts of the process each day with wonderful results.

    London, uk

  18. Sue Gallion & Arnold

    I can’t wait to hear more. I’m ordering your CD’s asap!

  19. Vikas Shivram Kelkar

    Hi,earlier listening to you I used to use Brian Tracy’s statement “How close are we?” I think your clincher question sounds more practical. I’ll start using it from today. Cheers!


  20. Nirav Mehta

    Thanks a bunch for this wonderful video it will definitely bring prospect into confidence by your magical statements.

    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

  21. John Boedecker

    Thank you! Thank you!! You are so good at this. I wish my business was going better. I want your CD’s so bad. Thank you for what you have given me! And when I get my business going better I want to buy all your stuff!! Thank you so much!!!


  22. Josue

    Excellent!! Now I know that I can use this 3 principles in different areas with great results not only for prospects.
    Powerful Tools
    Thanks for sharing

    San Salvador, El Salvador

  23. Don Reed

    So very impressive and helpful. Thanks for sharing

    Manlius, NY

  24. Bill Enross

    What a wonderful world it would be if we just took the time to apply these simple principles to ALL our conversations. – Thanks Ari


  25. Jerome Jennings

    I’ve been using your program now for a year or so and it’s interesting to see the questions people ask you here on this page, they are asking the same questions I asked, but of course now I realized why I didn’t “get it” back then, it’s because I didn’t master your Mindset. For all of you who are skeptical, your skepticism comes from what you don’t know,

    Stay humble and follow what Ari teaches, that’s all I can say….and don’t look back.

    Los Angeles, California

  26. Jerry Garsner

    Excellent points here, it’s really the key to engaging anyone new because it’s about THEM and not about us, that’s how it should have been from the beginning.

    Aukland, New Zealand

  27. Michael Reddin

    This is so refreshing. I’ve been through every “consultative” program you can imagine and no one has ever broken down the process like you have into bite-sized chunks that anyone can implement, and be authentic at the same time.

    You are a leader at just the right time.

    Houston, Texas

  28. Joyce Evans

    Thank you for breaking down your concepts in an easy to understand way for someone to use on a day to day basis. Trust-based selling as you describe it, is the key to all success and no one can explain it as clear as you.

    Can’t wait for your next seminar!

    Perth, Australia


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