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Removing Sales Pressure

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  1. Samantha Chaudhry

    Removing Sales Pressure is a great video clip. I love the fact that how to develop the trust and continue the conversation with out pressure. I normally ask “where would you like to go from here”. I am definitely going to change “YOU” into “WE” and built the trust and continue the conversation further.

    Auckland New Zealand

  2. Thorstein Olsen

    Your videos and way of thinking have turned my cold call fear to inspiration! Thank you, Ari.


  3. Odile Faludi

    I live in Sydney, Australia and run courses on Starting Customer Conversations. Ari, has given a great suggestion. Conversation is all about being yourself. Stop selling your product or service, sell yourself first and develop a genuine rapport with your customer. One good sales call can result in big dollars depending upon the service. Give it the time and attention it deserves.

    Sydney Australia

  4. Earl Gile

    Hi Ari,

    I am totally new to cold calling and I am truly not sure what to do and what you just said is completely different than anything else I have seen on the internet on how to book an appointment so simple diffuse the pressure.

    Defiance, Ohio USA

  5. Freda Anderson

    This is so great! Finally information that fit my personality.

    San Diego, CA

  6. Paul A

    Hi Ari,

    Thanks for your superb insight, it does help!
    As you mention on your video, be yourself and take the pressure away. I normally say “its your call now” but your simple phrase is much more powerful! I will include it on my calls. Thank you

    Woking – UK

  7. Joann

    This is really a great way to close a conversation with a client .. I am in competition for a great listing and I am going to use this phrase and try to elicit where they are in their decision making .. great idea – I want to know more ..


  8. Malcolm

    My sector is very competitive (aren’t they all?) and I find that most of my competitors are very stereotyped. They behave like a cult. I have been perfecting a similar strategy to yours, where I “interrupt” the pattern and do not sound/look/behave like a salesman. It doesn’t work every time, but it does take the pressure off the prospect


  9. Chris

    I have acted in this way with customers & prospects on the phone and when I do the calls almost always go well. The key is to get to a point where you are always mindful of useing powerful phrases like this one.

    Great video!

    Rockaway Twp, NJ

  10. Nichol Turner

    Antioch, Ca USA

  11. Melinda Walker

    Thanks Ari, really enjoyed this video, helped me in business enormously, cheers

    Australia, Vic

  12. Norman Babat

    I loved your “Where do you think we should go from here”
    it’s perfect as Oliver Twist said I want more

    United States

  13. Joe White

    Love it…! Great Stuff. Please consider making these videos playable on my iPhone. Thx

    Eagan, Mn

  14. Juan Carlos Herrera

    Ari, thanks for sharing this videos. I just stared to run my own business a few months ago and I have never been involved in Procuts Sales before so I was having some hard time trying to “connect” with People. I have read many books on sales and cold calling and closing techniques recently but this approach is so much simpler and practical. I have been succesfull in the past selling ideas and projects to others but now I understand that was under the umbrella of a corporate name in which the relationship of trust was already built it and now that I have to create those relationship from scratch is a different situation.

    Tijuana Mexico

  15. Marcus Lee

    Great stuff Ari, hope you can come to Singapore. Impressed by you.


  16. Gary Daly

    Brilliant stuff Ari, very simple but then again they say simple is genius. Very keen to see more of your program and also looking forward to the event that is on in Sydney, just got my tickets in the post 🙂


  17. Janice Young

    WOW! You are incredible. I actually feel excited to go out and cold call without feeling like I am pressuring anyone including myself. Thank you so much! Is there any way I can purchase this program even though I am not a business owner or sales manager?

    Austin, TX

  18. Christina Lundstorp

    I love it! When did you come up with “Unlock the game” – is this something new in sales, or have you been teaching it for ages…? And – I love that you focus on the problem…


  19. Allen Fernandez

    I like it because you keep it simple.

    Kellyville nsw

  20. Jeff Keup


    Astounding! Who would of thought shifting the focus of attention from the salesperson to the recipient (prospect) would make him/her much more receptive and open to an ongoing dialogue. Plus, if by chance the prospect actually doesn’t have a need, it allows the salesperson (we should now call them facilitators) a graceful way to move on to the next prospect. Thanks, Jeff

    San Diego, CA

  21. Sue Gallion

    I’ve been in sales 25 years. Your program makes more sense than any I’ve heard in years.


  22. Scott Cline

    Ari, Very unconventional! Nice approach to teach old ways of selling that have just been done because that’s the way everybody does it. I do believe if we are treating the customer right and by asking them where we should go from here, it will reassure that you both are on the same page within the process and it will help build trust as you say. Great stuff!

    Fresno, CA

  23. Jason Martin

    I’m really liking your tips, its very useful looking forward to acquiring more of your products….
    Trinidad and Tobago

  24. Lisa Elia

    Ari, your videos and tips are great! You’re very thorough and generous with your information. Now, I want to go find your products that I can buy for my team.

    Thank you!

    Los Angeles, California, USA

  25. Donald Freeman

    Wonderful information. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I have been in sales for a long time and like most was taught the traditional way. In that time though there were sales I made doing what you’re speaking of being natural and building trust. I look forward to more on this.

    United States

  26. AM Thornton

    Very interesting Ari. I’m just starting out in sales and I hate pushy salespeople so I don’t want to be one! Thanks for showing me I don’t have to be pushy!


  27. Christopher Thomas

    Ari, I think your the master, this is just wonderful stuff.


  28. Antonio


    Great stuff so far. I am anxious to hear more! I love the low key approach and have become a fairly low key guy already but I always appreciate more information on improving my people skills.

    Rockford Illinois

  29. Josué

    Hi Ari,I’m absolutely impressed the direction of a sales can take with the phrase “where do you think we should go from here?”

    Now I know i made a right decision getting touch with you after visiting hundreds of sites and reading a lot of techniques, thanks for sharing this pure gold material.

    I’ll be waiting for more.

    San Salvador,El Salvador

  30. Fred Perry

    I am currently seeing results with this fabulous way of getting to the truth. The unlock the game has help me avoid the negativity in the traditional methods of cold calling. People are more willing to share the truth because of the common and down to earth approach. Thank you Ari for sharing unlock the game.

    Halifax, Nova Scotia

  31. Michael Mayer


    The more you talk the more sense you make. This is the sales process that children use and that corporate America bashes out of us. Just think to yourself does a child get told no. Watch how a child sells they get to the truth immediately and they get more sales. But how do we get that same response as adults?

    Thanks Ari I am looking forward from hearing from you in the near future.

    Ogden UT USA

    • Ari Galper

      Hi Michael, you are so right. The natural way for us to create trust with others we were born with. Over time we have been conditioned to become scripted and robotic, the exact recipe for breaking trust.

      Unlock The Game is all about going back to our natural process of creating trust with others, both in our personal and business lives.

  32. Suzanne

    Ari –
    You are a Rock Star! Do you have weekly podcasts?

    • Ari Galper

      Hi Suzanne, thank you so much. From time to time I do send out podcasts, the best place to check for those are on my blog http://www.UnlockTheGame.com/Blog

  33. Tiffany

    Excellent, I am looking forward to learn more from you, thanks Ari.
    I was wondering, is there any chance that one day you will hold a sale conference in Asia?


  34. Harold Gurian

    Excellent. I’ve felt so uncomfortable before with the phone and you make sense.

    Columbia, MD

  35. Eddie Bauer Jr.

    I love it…I always knew the always be closing was wrong…As a Taoist this goes right along with the way I try to be with potential customers already. I start off by telling the customer I try really hard not to be a salesman…but more of an educator….not because I’m such a nice guy but if I’m looking out for you it always seems to work out better for me LOL and then at the end I ask for the deal…shame on me…what a much better way

    Houston TX

  36. Karletta

    Brilliant! I look forward to attending a live event!

    MyvaSpace, Brisbane

  37. Nerija

    WOW 🙂 What else can I say 🙂 I always believed it should be a better way to sell and you just showed me I was right and also how it works 🙂 What I want to do now – to tell everyone around that sales can be different!!! It seems nobody knows you in my country, so I’ll be the first to sell in a better way 😉 So – tomorrow morning I’m going to say to my prospect – ‘it’s not a problem’ 🙂
    Super! Thank you 🙂


  38. John Mathia

    I just stumbled upon your website on Tuesday and received the email link to the video today. I am so impressed so far and everything I’ve heard and been taught has challenged me and helped me grow tremendously-just in 2 days! I work for a large Insurance and Financial Services firm and they teach us the concepts in the beginning that you teach but that’s it! No follow up training, no continuous training and reaffirming the techniques. Your program is reiterating everything that I learned, that I somehow forgot and has made my sales suffer. I look forward to getting this help. Now, time to save some money so I can do it!

    Portland, OR

  39. Marshall Adler

    I am a firm believer that the way you bring out the confidence in your prospect over the phone is to ask questions which puts the decision making in the other person’s court. This video offers a specific question that when used can be very powerful. I think it applies to most situations in telesales but maybe not all situations. I’m a big fan of the question, “With your permission, would it be alright if I touched base with you tomorrow at 11am?” This question not only specifies an exact date and time which gets the person’s inner calendar working but it also puts them up on the pedestal and grants them beingness as being an authority because you’re seeking permission from them. Cool huh?

    San Jose, CA

  40. Junyuluo

    Very good
    From this moment, I’ll be looking forward to my success
    thank you

    [email protected]

  41. Char Allison

    I’m not sales trained at all yet and so I feel lucky to be in a position to learn it the right way the first time, instead of having to ‘re-program’ myself….

    Ari, what you are saying makes so much sense. I cannot wait til hear more from you and hope you’ll one day hold a conference in Europe:)

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    • Ari Galper

      Hi Char, thank you so much. I do hope to one day to do a large sale conference in Europe. Thanks for staying connected

  42. DeWayne Davis

    I wish I had pointed out my sales faults years ago. I am adopting the thoughts taught today. I know that this will open up a whole new direction and success in my business.

    Lee Summit, Mo

  43. Scott Davis

    By the time you get to asking for the next step, you should have already built enough trust and rapport to make going to the next step a natural and non-threatening idea.

    I think when asking “where do we go from here” the customer is going to think you are asking for the sale. Its the kind of response well get since its our stereotype. Naturally they would give you something to just blow you off.

    If the conversation went so well, and they are seriously interested, you are better off just being upfront and asking for an appointment sincerely.

    Federal Way WA

  44. Jay Montalvo

    I really appreciate the simplicity behind your approach. However, doesn’t something like this leave you vulnerable to your prospects criteria for buying….which is not to?

    Miami, FL.

    • Ari Galper

      Hi Jay, the word “vulnerable” as you wrote can sometimes refer to a “loss of control”. The key here is that if you connect with someone at a level where they feel understood by you, you’ll never be vulnerable because you’ll know the truth of where you stand with the other person and you can decide if you both are a fit together. Rather than you being in a subservient position or worried about loss, what this approach does is equal the playing field so you are both treating each other with respect and as human beings. This is a game changer.


    Wow, Powerful reply. I can see and feel how using 9 words can make a difference in my results.

    Tampa, Fl

  46. Christine

    A novice might ask “where do we go from here” too soon in the process.

    The point is that rapport is the first priority. Next is discovering whether there is a match of needs/wants and product/service. Next is laying out options, one of which of course is “do nothing and keep getting what you’ve got”.

    At that point “where do we go from here” or “where would you like to go from here” makes perfect sense and is a very respectful way of asking the client if they’re ready to make a choice about the next step.

    If someone said to me “you tell me” then either they’re trusting me to help with the decision, or I’ve missed something, or for some reason (can’t imagine why :-)) they might simply not like me.

    Perth, Australia

  47. Removing Sales Pressure

    I have always forced my customers to say yes! After listening to you i realised i was pressuring them. ‘Where do you think we should go from here’ This statement had turned out great coz they are now trusting me even more and my sale is getting even nearer to closure. Thanks Ari!

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  48. Barry Milman

    I’ve been through every sales training program you can imagine, got every Sales Guru book and been to all the seminars, yet I still find selling painful. This is very inspiring.

    Miami, Florida

  49. Stewart J Lowe

    Good stuff, it is nice to take a different route from the old tried and tested we are used to.

    Calgary, Alberta

  50. Bob Ontko

    Just awesome! All about the trust. All about being treated the way you would like to be treated.

    North Carolina

  51. Mike

    How do very busy, decision makers take the “where should we go from here?”. I know I would say something like “you tell me” or
    “send me something”

    Charlotte NC USA

    • Ari Galper

      Hi Mike, the key is how well you create a connection from the beginning of your conversation. If you’re enter the dialogue in relaxed humble way, with the right mindset, addressing an issue they have, and the conversation revolves around that issue, then “where do you think we should go from here” will generate the truth of what they are really thinking, and this is the goal.

  52. Brian Milnes

    Sound advice from a great guy who knows his stuff.
    Should be required material for the “sales rep school” and for anyone selling their own material or services.
    Thanks Ari

    Cambridge, UK

  53. Richard Smith

    Ari so much sense again.


  54. Eric Haaranen

    Always great content, Ari. Keep it up.

    I still don’t like cold-calling but your material is making it a little easier.

    Vancouver Canada

  55. Sheldon Sachs

    So, where do we go from here, Ari?

    Valhalla, NY

    • Ari Galper

      Hi Sheldon, stay tuned for an announcement that I’ll be making soon that will give you that answer:)

  56. Kevin Lear

    how very interesting – I have refused this information before, but this time i have listened, and maybe a 22 year sales pro can learn something after all

    Northallerton, England

    • Ari Galper

      Hi Kevin, sounds like you’re mindset is opening up to a new perspective, that is key. The more you can challenge your current sales belief system, the faster you can experience an entirely new way of selling.

  57. Jerry Baldassaro

    Ari, I’ve always said selling is an art not a science – some are more skilled than others. The most important thing is to be yourself so you can gain the trust needed for a long term relationship.That one little segment nailed it. Great ideas! I think I’m falling to your side of the fence.

    East Meadow, NY

    • Ari Galper

      Hi Jerry, glad you’re finally making it to this side of the fence, it’s a much happier and productive place:)

  58. Sam

    I understand the question” where do we go from here” creates trust and comfort, but does it not also create the sense the the salesperson is not in control. Does it not leave the prospect thinking ” hey, I dont know, you tell me what the next step is, or you tell me what you want”


    • Ari Galper

      Hi Sam, that is a very common misconception for folks just being introduced to this new approach. There’s an initial feeling of “passiveness” or “weakness” stemming from the other extreme of aggressiveness that we have been taught over the years. This is the middle ground, a place of competence and humbleness. Interestingly enough, when you’re delivering this with the right mindset, the prospect begins to open up to you because they are being treated with respect and not forced down a transparent sales process. Give it a try!

  59. Mike C

    Tell me something I don’t already know…

    St Louis MO

    • Ari Galper

      Will do Mike, stay tuned.

  60. Jack Morris

    Great stuff Ari. Your message is so timely now in a world of old school selling. I’ve studied all the gurus, taken their courses, but I’m still in the same frustrating place because of their old ideas. When is your next live event in the US?

    Los Angeles, CA

  61. Julie Anderton

    This is fantastic Ari, love your message and presence. Give us more!

    London, UK

  62. Wayne Gooch

    Hi Ari,

    I love the simplicity of unlocking the truth thru being in the present. I believe it really is all about the WE, in determining an inclusive way forward.


  63. Julian Good

    Wow – what a simple suggestion, which is so logical, I will definitely use these words in the future

  64. Matthew

    Hi Ari,

    I am restarting my prospecting efforts with the hope of shifting from a hybrid support / sales role (with a salary) to all sales (and all commission).

    I have ordered your book and look forward to implementing so that I can grow again.

  65. Paul Williams

    Hi I like the short video it gave me the right think to help on the end of the call I Like what you have to say and looking for the wording and thinks to use in a tex and emails and to use the trust with people getting them to trust you interested to see what else you have to offer

  66. Antonio Kenyatta

    Great material Ari, looking forward to taking it a all the way to the top.

  67. Howard Wacks

    Ari, great messaging . i hear your voice in my sleep sometimes. I think the fact that you use different mediums to get your messaging across is the most effective. I am using the ” would you be open to ” in almost every meeting . Same with ” where do you think we should go from here .I like the “unpacking verbage, although i feel i need tohave a couple more in my head in case ” tell me a little more etc ” as an example , isnt moving the needle , last, i am really making best effort to keep them on the schedule. And typically ” same time and day next week?” works the best…Keep sending new phrases . It is much appreciated…


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