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A Simple But Effective Way To Diffuse Pressure At The End Of A Sales Call


Always diffuse pressure. That’s what you should be thinking about in your mind, in every competition you have in a selling environment. Whether it’s face to face, on the phone, or even email.

We pitch in email don’t we? It’s the same idea, different medium, okay? So, your goal is to diffuse pressure.

Let me give you a real example. Because you need to, kind of, make this real practical so it’s real for you. Not just a concept, right? Okay.

Let’s say you’re on the phone with a potential customer. Your first call, it’s going very, very well. Good conversation. They seem interested. The call is coming to an end. What are we trained to do? What are we supposed to do at the end of the call like that?

You should say, word-for-word, at the end of a call that’s going well. Here it is.

“Where do you think we should go from here?”

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