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bait and switch

Bait and Switch, Selling and Telling the Truth

The other day, Sharon who is my long-time trusted “gatekeeper” covering our live chat box on our site, sent me this chat conversation she had: Subj. “Possible LARGE Sale” Sharon: Hello…its SharonSharon: WelcomeVisitor: I need Ari’s phone numberSharon: ok, can …

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Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall Digs Out The Truth Behind Phone and Internet Selling

The other day, I was taking my usual walk around Watsons Bay, a scenic peninsula near my home in Sydney, and my Ipod skipped to a recording that Perry Marshall and I did a while back. As I started listening …

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airport lounge

Whispers in the Airport Lounge

I’m just sitting here in the Qantas Business Class lounge waiting for my flight to leave from Sydney to Los Angeles. It starts boarding within an hour or so. This is my bi-annual 2-week trip back to the US each …

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Sales Language: “Follow-Up” — Good or Bad?

If there is one phrase that exemplifies the typical sales person the most, it’s the phrase “follow-up”. You probably use that phrase instinctively, without even thinking about it, especially when you call your prospects after your initial conversation with them. …

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The Dog and Pony Show — Reinvented

If you’ve been exposed to the sales world in one form or the other, you’ve probably heard of the infamous “Dog and Pony Show”. That’s where you’re invited to come to your prospect’s office and make a presentation in the …

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How To Sell in a Down Economy

Recently, here in Sydney Australia, our members got to hear me “pick the brains” of one of our successful members who is well on his way to mastering the Mindset. He’s doing the exact OPPOSITE of what all the sales …

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