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Recently, here in Sydney Australia, our members got to hear me “pick the brains” of one of our successful members who is well on his way to mastering the Mindset.

He’s doing the exact OPPOSITE of what all the sales gurus taught him over the years – and he’s getting stellar results to show for it.

And he’s sleeping better at night.

He’s in one of the hardest-hit industries affected by the downturn in the economy: Real Estate.

Now please don’t let your self-talk say: “Oh, but I’m in a different industry so this wouldn’t apply to me.”

One thing you’ll learn as you get more involved with our way of thinking is: It’s not about WHAT you are selling that’s going to make the difference for you, it’s about HOW you’re selling that’s going to give you the breakthrough you’re looking for.

Derrick Ruiz, our “Mindset Expert of the Month,” knows this well.

First thing he did when he become an Inner Circle member was listen to all the Industry Recordings in the members site that were NOT related to his industry. (Smart man)

He picked up a lot of little secrets that aren’t readily apparent from those calls incorporated them into his approach.

He’s even come up with his own method for validating his voice delivery and tone so that he knows he’s coming across in a genuine and relaxed way to his prospect.

That recorded interview also includes him walking our members, step-by-step, through a couple of calls he recently made using Unlock The Game. These calls ultimately turned into over $40,000 in commissions. (Not bad for his monthly membership of $77)

Want to hear that recording?

If you’ve been trained to sell the OLD traditional way, then what you’re about to hear in this interview will make your head spin.

Here’s the recording, if it resonates with you, then join us and you’ll no longer have to participate in the “down” economy.

To your success,
Ari Galper

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