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How To Position Yourself As The “Only Choice” In Your Market

https://utg-ta-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/Fubbi+Videos/Month+3+-+December+2020/unlock+the+game-m03-012.mp4 Transcript: Until this couple of years ago, it used to be enough to essentially have a great product, be knowledgeable, have expertise. How many of you have case studies that prove that you’re competent? Who can prove to a …

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The Secret To Winning The Hearts And Minds Of Your Customers

https://utg-ta-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/Fubbi+Videos/Month+3+-+December+2020/unlock+the+game-m03-011.mp4 Transcript: In the last couple years, what has happened is that, essentially, credibility has become commoditized. And that’s interesting. We’ve been taught over the years to be credible. Which means proving our competence. Showing we’re good at what we …

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The Mindset That’ll Take You Away From The Need To Chase Clients

https://utg-ta-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/Fubbi+Videos/Month+3+-+December+2020/unlock+the+game-m03-010.mp4 Transcript: The doctor has what I call ‘trust assets’ that make him perceived immediately as an authority without even knowing if he’s ethical or not. Trusted authorities don’t present, pitch, and sell. They diagnose the problem to then see …

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This Trick Will Help You Operate Your Low-Volume, High-Price Business

https://utg-ta-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/Fubbi+Videos/Month+3+-+December+2020/unlock+the+game-m03-009.mp4 Transcript: The idea of random selling, which has now become the norm for a lot of consultants out there, and that’s like, you know, basically having to do everything. Like for instance, networking, landing pages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, trade …

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Once You Understand This Process, It’ll Be Easier To Avoid Pending Deals

https://utg-ta-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/Fubbi+Videos/Month+3+-+December+2020/unlock+the+game-m03-008.mp4 Transcript: Who in the room has had a deal pending? Did all the good work, positive vibes, whatever. The contract didn’t come through or they’ve asked for the email and it didn’t come through. It just falls through at …

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The New Way That Clients Want You To Sell – And How You Can Nail It!

https://utg-ta-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/Fubbi+Videos/Month+3+-+December+2020/unlock+the+game-m03-007.mp4 Transcript: New clients don’t want to be sold the way they used to anymore. Right? As consultants, we can’t be perceived as chasing people, right? We’re giving them advice. And we’re chasing them for the work, what does that …

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