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Two Ways Potential Clients Rank You Before Deciding To Move Forward With You

https://utg-ta-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/Fubbi+Videos/Month+3+-+December+2020/unlock+the+game-m03-006.mp4 Transcript: Our mission is very clear. And that is to build trust and make a difference in the world around this idea of trust. Now, what we discovered was this: that the world has changed so much the last …

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How To Keep The Sales Conversation From Feeling Like A Battle

https://utg-ta-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/Fubbi+Videos/Month+3+-+December+2020/unlock+the+game-m03-005.mp4 Transcript: Our whole mindset is based upon the idea that your goal is not, at first, to focus on the end goal at all. Your goal is to only focus on getting the truth to people so they trust …

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The Pain Of Following-up: Avoid These Words To Make Potential Clients Consider Your Offer

https://utg-ta-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/Fubbi+Videos/Month+3+-+December+2020/unlock+the+game-m03-004.mp4 Transcript: I’m gonna ask you never to use the word ever again. Which is… Follow-up. Oh, I feel the pain. Who in the last few weeks has called someone and said, “Hi. I’m giving you a call to…” Who’s …

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Remove This In Your Conversations to Be More Effective At Selling

https://utg-ta-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/Fubbi+Videos/Month+3+-+December+2020/unlock+the+game-m03-003.mp4 Transcript: Somewhere along the way, it has become socially acceptable not to tell the truth to people who sell, right? It’s okay to say things like, “Sounds good. Send me what? Information? Oh I’m definitely, I’m definitely, I’m definitely…” …

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The Real Reason Why You Keep Chasing Clients And How To Stop The Cycle

https://utg-ta-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/Fubbi+Videos/Month+3+-+December+2020/unlock+the+game-m03-002.mp4 Transcript: Anybody chasing what I call a ghost? Someone who said, “Yes, I’m interested” but never called you back. You’ve emailed them. You’re chasing them. You know what I’m talking about? That whole chasing process? Why don’t they just …

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The Truth About The Basic Process Of Selling – And Why It’s Not Working

https://utg-ta-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/Fubbi+Videos/Month+3+-+December+2020/unlock+the+game-m03-001.mp4 Transcript: Usually in selling, what happens? Usually, the first contact is either someone contacts you or you contact someone on a first contact to selling. Pretty basic, I know, but probably applies to some of you in the room. …

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