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How Sales Calls Trigger Rejection -And What You Can Do To Change That

https://utg-ta-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/Fubbi+Videos/Month+2+-+November+2020/unlock+the+game-m02-006.mp4 Transcript: The reason why selling is a numbers game for most people out there is because they’ve been taught when they make a call to someone, to do what? To make a pitch! A sales pitch, right? You’ve read …

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The Truth About Sales Calls And What We’ve Been Doing Wrong All This Time

https://utg-ta-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/Fubbi+Videos/Month+2+-+November+2020/unlock+the+game-m02-005.mp4 Transcript: The phrase you probably hear a lot: Selling is a what game? Numbers game! You’ve heard that before. It’s all about how many people you call equates to how many people you sell. We know where that came …

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Focus On This Goal For A More Effective Sales Approach

https://utg-ta-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/Fubbi+Videos/Month+2+-+November+2020/unlock+the+game-m02-004.mp4 Transcript: The way we’ve been taught about selling is we should keep just going for what? The sale. They say ‘no’, what are we supposed to do? Your goal is no longer the sale anymore. Your goal is what? …

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How to Get the Truth Out of Buyers and Get A Successful Sale

https://utg-ta-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/Fubbi+Videos/Month+2+-+November+2020/unlock+the+game-m02-003.mp4 Transcript: It’s perfectly fine to say things like… “Send me information.” “I’m interested.” “Oh, sure. Yeah, send me the proposal.” And what are they thinking? “No way.” So what is going on here? Why were they afraid to tell …

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The Real Reason Why Clients Are Afraid To Say “No” To Salespeople

https://utg-ta-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/Fubbi+Videos/Month+2+-+November+2020/unlock+the+game-m02-002.mp4 Transcript: I spent about six months trying to land one account, at least to a phone call. After six months, this company, a big company in New York, finally agreed to have a conference call with me so I …

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How To Overcome The Fear Of Rejection And Empower Your Selling Process

https://utg-ta-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/Fubbi+Videos/Month+2+-+November+2020/unlock+the+game-m02-001.mp4 Transcript: When you think about the idea of you having to pick up the phone and sell something, yourself, your products, your service, what goes through your mind and your body? Fear of rejection. You know, it never used …

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