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How Sales Calls Trigger Rejection -And What You Can Do To Change That


The reason why selling is a numbers game for most people out there is because they’ve been taught when they make a call to someone, to do what?

To make a pitch! A sales pitch, right?

You’ve read the books, elevator speech, a presentation to pitch. And what happens you make a phone call with someone and you say, “Hi, my name is Ari. I’m with… We offer a service. Would you be…?”

What goes through the people’s minds? It’s over!

And that’s where the concept of the numbers game came from. You see? It came from the approach itself. It’s broken. That caused people to push back, which equals rejection.

So if you, yourselves, can learn a system to change your approach so you don’t trigger that rejection and back, all of a sudden it’s no longer all the number of people you call. It’s how well you do on each call using the phone.

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