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How to Get the Truth Out of Buyers and Get A Successful Sale


It’s perfectly fine to say things like…

“Send me information.”

“I’m interested.”

“Oh, sure. Yeah, send me the proposal.”

And what are they thinking?

“No way.”

So what is going on here? Why were they afraid to tell me the truth, upfront, of what they were thinking?

They were afraid if they told me the truth of what they were thinking, that I would do what even harder? Sell!

Isn’t that what we’re trained to do by the gurus to do to people, saying the truth about ‘no’, we’re supposed to what? Push harder. So what they were doing was merely protecting themselves from sales pressure.

So what I’m suggesting here today is if you can learn how to take the pressure out of the sales process and get to the truth between you and the person you’re working with, you build real trust.

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