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How To Overcome The Fear Of Rejection And Empower Your Selling Process


When you think about the idea of you having to pick up the phone and sell something, yourself, your products, your service, what goes through your mind and your body?

Fear of rejection.

You know, it never used to be like that. 8, 10 years ago, people in sales would just pick up the phone. Give a pitch. And the other person will just buy. It’s just amazing.

The last three or four years, something has changed in the selling environments.

Most people out there, outside these doors who are selling, are battling this monster of this pressure and the stereotypical negative sales behaviors.

I’m gonna help you break that, okay?

So if it’s over at hello, how the heck are you going to succeed in selling? Okay? You’ve got to rise above that and change your mindset.

When you can take rejection out of the sales process, all of a sudden, things are starting to happen. You become more empowered, more confident, and people you talk to start to be attracted to you. And people start buying from you.

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