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The Truth About The Basic Process Of Selling – And Why It’s Not Working


Usually in selling, what happens?

Usually, the first contact is either someone contacts you or you contact someone on a first contact to selling. Pretty basic, I know, but probably applies to some of you in the room. If that first call goes well, what usually happens is you ask them some questions, right? Pretty basic so far. If the questions go well, then hopefully they schedule an appointment for the next step, right? If that meeting is agreed on, then hopefully you have a meeting with them and you present what you have to offer. If that goes well, so far, what usually happens next? Usually you do what? You follow up, right? And hopefully, that goes well. What’s supposed to happen next? The sale.

That’s pretty fundamental, but it’s probably pretty basic for most people in this room. Right? So how many of you right now have potential clients or prospects somewhere at about a seven o’clock spot, a follow-up? And now you’re chasing them?

Why do you suppose they’re not calling you back?

Somewhere along the way, in your process, what was missing was trust. Either between your steps or your process of what you do, or overlaid on top of your model.

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