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How To Keep The Sales Conversation From Feeling Like A Battle


Our whole mindset is based upon the idea that your goal is not, at first, to focus on the end goal at all. Your goal is to only focus on getting the truth to people so they trust you. And that’s our whole premise and our whole philosophy of what… We do have a whole set of languaging here around trust-based languaging that I teach.

And I’ll give you a little tidbit right now. I’m asking you right now to remove and to eliminate from your vocabulary.

What you use instead of the word follow-up is, “I’m giving you a call to see if you have any feedback. Any feedback on our previous conversation, on our previous meeting.” What direction is your feedback going now? Am I going toward the sale? Am I going where? The opposite direction?

And that’s a little sample of what we teach – how to take your pressure out of the process so they connect with you better, they don’t fight that battle anymore. Okay?

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