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The Pain Of Following-up: Avoid These Words To Make Potential Clients Consider Your Offer


I’m gonna ask you never to use the word ever again. Which is…


Oh, I feel the pain. Who in the last few weeks has called someone and said, “Hi. I’m giving you a call to…” Who’s done that? Whose emails said, “Hi! I’m writing to follow…” I know.

What’s the only industry in the world that uses the word follow-up? Sales.

You’re trying to be heart-centered and no pressure but your languaging screams what? “I’m giving you a call to move this thing towards…” Alright?

What’s in the classic lesson about follow-up that we’re taught by the old gurus? “I’m giving you a call to…” what? Who’s got it? “I’m giving you a call to touch base.” That’s a classic one.

Remove it.

It’s amazing how many lines we use, unknowingly, that cause them to feel uncomfortable with telling us the truth.

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