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Remove This In Your Conversations to Be More Effective At Selling


Somewhere along the way, it has become socially acceptable not to tell the truth to people who sell, right? It’s okay to say things like, “Sounds good. Send me what? Information? Oh I’m definitely, I’m definitely, I’m definitely…” without having any intention of buying.

Why were they afraid to tell me the truth? What are people in sales taught to do when there’s resistance? They tried doing what harder? They tried to overcome it, right? That puts what on people? Sales pressure.

That’s what hit me.

I realized that moment, there is an invisible river of pressure that flows underneath every dialogue you have with a possible client on the phone or live or however you connect with them.

Now, if you don’t remove that pressure from the sales process, what will happen is they won’t feel comfortable telling you the truth.

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