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How To Position Yourself As The “Only Choice” In Your Market


Until this couple of years ago, it used to be enough to essentially have a great product, be knowledgeable, have expertise. How many of you have case studies that prove that you’re competent? Who can prove to a client? You probably all have case studies, success stories behind you, right?

An expert has knowledge. Right? Which you all probably have expertise right now. But a trusted authority has what I call power and influence. They own a space, a category and their ideal clients see them as the only choice. And that’s the perception you have to create in your market. To win at what you’re trying to achieve. Otherwise, you get commoditized really, really fast. Who right now is feeling the power of a commoditization in their market?

You can’t be one of many. You have to think about how to become a category of one and it is possible.

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