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The Secret To Winning The Hearts And Minds Of Your Customers


In the last couple years, what has happened is that, essentially, credibility has become commoditized. And that’s interesting. We’ve been taught over the years to be credible. Which means proving our competence. Showing we’re good at what we do. And here’s the thing about this, is that basically, your potential clients can’t judge your competence until after they hire you.

So if you can’t win the game anymore on your competence and credibility, what do you use pre-sale to win the hearts and minds of your customer?

That’s where you talk about perception and positioning you as the authority. People get shocked. They go, “What? I’m good at what I do. I’m really good at what I do.” And I said, “That has no value”, because they can’t judge your competence until after you’ve made the sale.

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