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Once You Understand This Process, It’ll Be Easier To Avoid Pending Deals


Who in the room has had a deal pending? Did all the good work, positive vibes, whatever. The contract didn’t come through or they’ve asked for the email and it didn’t come through. It just falls through at the end. Who’s been there before? You know what I’m talking about? You work hard for it to just fall through at the end. What goes through your mind when that happened? What do you say to yourself when that happens? In the back of your mind when it falls through at the end, you say to yourself, what? You start blaming who first? Yourself. “What did I do?” Right? You start blaming then, right? You know what we discovered? We discovered the sale now, in this day and age, is not lost at the end anymore. It’s actually lost at ‘Hello’. At the beginning of the process.

If someone calls your office tomorrow morning, the phone rings, you pick it up, and you hear “Hi, my name is… I’m with… We are a…” What goes through your mind in about three seconds? It’s over at ‘Hello’.

Somewhere in your process, you’re losing it not at the end, you’re losing it where? At the beginning because you weren’t positioned as a trusted authority.

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