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The New Way That Clients Want You To Sell – And How You Can Nail It!


New clients don’t want to be sold the way they used to anymore. Right?

As consultants, we can’t be perceived as chasing people, right? We’re giving them advice. And we’re chasing them for the work, what does that do for our perception? It lowers it, right?

So we have to change the way we sell to people so they don’t feel that we are chasing them or going after their business, right? That’s kind of a tightrope there, isn’t it?

And also, there’s this idea that if we have more contacts with people, you know the numbers game concept? Right? How many more contacts you make before it was supposed to happen – the more sales you make? We’ve been brought to believe the more contacts you make with people, the more meetings we have with people, the more sales we make.

We discovered it’s not about how many contacts you make anymore. It’s about how deep you go on each conversation, not how many contacts you make.

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