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The other day, I was taking my usual walk around Watsons Bay, a scenic peninsula near my home in Sydney, and my Ipod skipped to a recording that Perry Marshall and I did a while back.

As I started listening to it, it hit me that this is a recording that needs to get out to the broader business community.

If you don’t know who Perry Marshall is, he’s considered the authority on Internet Marketing — based on an approach of treating a visitor or prospect as a human being, not just a sale.

Sound familiar?

Yes, Perry and I are pretty much on the same wavelength about our business philosophies — treating people as human beings and not as targets to take advantage of.

Unfortunately, that way of conducting business is still a rarity these days as more “go for the quick buck” entrepreneurs proliferate, but it’s certainly a solid place to be – especially if you’re someone who believes creating real trust with others is the key to long term success.

This call you’re about to listen to if you wish, contains new insights about my selling philosophy, useful strategies of what to say in certain selling scenarios, and even elements of my website that make it much more successful than other’s in my field.

Perry is a sharp yet sometimes skeptical Internet Marketer, so he didn’t hold back in grilling me (he usually doesn’t) on every position that I took – and I revealed a lot more than I normally would about the inner workings of how I run my business.

There are also deep insights into my Unlock The Game Mindset revealed, giving you strategies to implement in your daily selling life.

Grab a pen and notepad, there should be quite a few “nuggets” of ideas you can take from the call to apply to your business.

Here it is, Ari Galper and Perry Marshall:

To your success,

Ari Galper

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