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Yesterday, I took my son Toby and Nathan (recent photo below) to their weekly Aikido class.


If you’re not familiar with Aikido, it’s a non-aggressive martial art whose purpose is to diffuse conflict.

It’s quite powerful, because the philosophy it teaches has major implications for the way we live our lives.

How you handle conflict can make the difference between feeling like a victim and feeling like a winner.

In fact, I’ve based my Unlock The Game sales approach on the philosophy behind Aikido.

If you’re a member of our Inner Circle, you’ll know that the “techniques” I teach for selling over-the-phone are designed to diffuse conflict or pressure on the phone.

Not having a philosophy and the tactical skills to diffuse sales pressure is like walking into a boxing ring where you’ve got gloves and the other guy doesn’t.

Being the recipient of those punches isn’t going to be pleasant.

Yet that’s how most people who have been trained in the old traditional way of selling are feeling these days – like a punching bag.

They feel like their about to be beat up every time they pick up the phone.

They feel almost helpless, and that’s why they overcompensate by being overly confident, aggressive and pushy.

Good-hearted people without a way of protecting themselves; good-hearted people who, instead of running from fear, can create genuine trust with their potential clients and feel good about it.

I have Toby and Nathan learning Aikido because I want them to have a method of overcoming their challenges in life without it taking a toll on themselves or someone else.

They’ll be able to move mountains while others are still trying to climb up the first rock.

I don’t want you to have to experience the rejection and pain that old-style selling says you have to endure.

Take a look at this video clip, it’s a news report about the power of Aikido. If it resonates with you, you are welcome to join our close-knit Inner Circle group who have crossed over the fence.

To your success,
Ari Galper

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