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Lately I’ve been doing a lot of travelling across the “pond” to the US and back.

My travels have taken me into all kinds of businesses, mostly small to mid-size companies that have managed to crack the 7-figure mark or even surpass that to the 8-figure mark.

After some of my on-site engagements working with different sales teams, I was invited to private meals with the owner and his or her spouse and in some cases, with their kids.

It was quite humbling to be trusted enough, in such a short amount of time, to be brought into the “inner circle” of these business owner’s lives.

At these intimate meals, the conversations opened up with how they really felt about the future.

Many of them expressed deep frustrations in the lack of trust that many politicians are displaying, especially with the pending elections coming soon not just in the US, but around the world.

They said they know they can’t necessarily impact the economy as a whole, but they said the one thing they feel anchored about is adding trust into their business to influence the way they communicate with their prospective clients.

Their thinking, of course encouraged by my work with them, has made them realize the more they consciously and systematically put trust into the way they do business, the more successful and secure their businesses and lives become.

They are creating their own economies.

Those conversations validated my original mission with Unlock The Game over 10 years ago, which still stands strong today, to change the world for the better through trust-based communication.

Flying back to Sydney thinking about the fundamental difference I made in their business growth and sense of confidence, made me realize, I on my own, am not doing enough to make my mission a reality.

I need to do more.

One man can only change the world if he has trusted masters behind him who can carry on his legacy.

This is why today, I’m officially announcing the Unlock The Game Trust-Based Mentor program.

This is specifically for business consultants, coaches and trainers who want to join the trust-based selling movement.

All the details are here at this link below, only 15 will be hand-selected to work closely with me:


To your success,

Ari Galper

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