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During our recent Trusted Authority tour across Australia, I asked the audiences how long they have been following my work.

Anyways, in the different cities that I visited across Australia, at the beginning of the day I asked the audience how long they had been following my work.

I counted down “1 year, 2 years, 3 years…” and so on. Many held their hand up till about 5 years, but one business owner said he’d been following my trust-based selling work for eleven years, he said, “Ever since Toby, your son, was born”.

Then he started to ask about Toby, since Toby’s story is what originally resonated with him to stay a client of mine now for over a decade.

If you don’t know about my son Toby (I wrote a book about him (www.TobysBook.com)), he’s a very special boy. He has Down Syndrome and he is an incredible inspiration to me, my family and all of my subscribers and clients who know him through the stories that I share.

When Toby was born, at first Michelle (my wife) and I were startled. We had no concept of what it would be like to have a son with special needs.

Our feelings shifted from fear of the unknown to immense joy as Toby began to share his love with us by just being himself.

Toby and his brother Nathan so excited
to meet the famous Harlem Globetrotters
in their locker room!
There was something about his transparency, authenticity and his presence that I found so remarkable, and yet to starkly different to what goes on in the selling and marketing world.

There are lessons and updates from Toby that I will share with you from time-to-time…lessons that will inspire you if you’re having a tough day.

Toby doesn’t have tough days, because he lives in the present moment, instead of what will be and what was.

That was one of the most important lessons I’ve every learned from him:
Stay present in the moment rather than live between the past and the future.

In fact, when he was in an almost-full body cast to allow his hip to heal from a surgery he had to go through, he was as “happy as Larry”. He made fun of himself and would smile to everyone that spent time with him during the days he was in a wheel chair.

Toby becomes a local sports celebrity!
Fast forward to five years later, Toby is a basketball star on his Special Olympics basketball team and was even featured in the local paper here.

From being bound to a wheel chair to now running back and forth down the basketball court out manuvering his opponents to shoot a basket…now if that’s not inspirational, I don’t know what is.

He even insists on participating in Nathan’s (his brother) elite martial arts practice (and the instructor there is kind enough to allow Toby to participate along with the other students)…see video clip.

Having a tough day?

Appreciate what you do have and be grateful for those who appreciate you.

Who is your inspiration? Feel free to comment below….


Toby growing up and becoming
a role model for all of us
(Michelle looking beautiful as always!)


Toby and his brother Nathan so excited
to meet the famous Harlem Globetrotters
in their locker room!


Toby becomes a local sports celebrity!

To your success,

Ari Galper

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