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How To Sell Without Letting Yourself Get Beat Up By Rejection


There’s this whole idea that in order for you to be successful in selling, you have to be thick-skinned, resilient, and be willing to be tough and take rejection. Isn’t that right?

It’s a real macho kind of, you know, perspective on being successful in sales. Which is rubbish, really. Because those people who say that are the ones who haven’t figured out how to remove rejection from the process, you see. So they figured, “Hey, if I got beat up in my career, you need to do the same thing, too.”

So, first thing you want to do is not listen to people who are coaching you to the opposite direction. Okay?

So what I’m suggesting here today is you can remove the rejection from the process entirely 100%, and that thousands of clients do it now every single day around the world, and still be your natural self, be successful and still sell without being associated with the negative salesperson stereotype.

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