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Make This Your Goal In The Sale Process… Then Watch Your Sales Increase!


I realized I’ve got to come up with a different way, a mindset, a different way of thinking that the goal of the sale process no longer is about making the sale anymore.

The goal is about getting to the truth of people.

And when you get clear on that mindset, you start to re-engineer your whole process of selling, where it isn’t about trying to get people to buy what you have. It’s about a process with trust where you determine whether they’re fit with you or not.

You’re choosing them. They aren’t choosing you.

You kind of reformat the whole process so it’s about being on the same page.

How’s that sound to you?

This goes way beyond sales, you realize this, right? This goes to government, families -all kinds of fun stuff. But I want to focus today on making you guys some money.

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