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My Grandmother’s Insight Will Change Your Mindset About Business Growth (Richard Branson Said The Same Thing!)


What I’m gonna focus on today is to give you a whole new level to think about how to grow your business in a way you never thought of before and in a much deeper way.

My grandmother, she was 101 years old. She passed away a few years ago. She was an entrepreneur, a small business person. I used to visit her over the years. And she left lots of interesting insights. And I’ll share with you one thought I wrote down this morning in my diary.

She said to me, “Successful people are made in good times and in bad times.”

Which means the times have nothing to do with it. It all has to do how open you are to growing, to learning, and pushing through all the noise.

And I got the exact same message from this guy here – you may recognize him. His name’s Richard Branson. And he said the exact same thing. It was such interesting…

That if you can push through everyone else’s noise and just keep growing, when everyone’s pulling back, you will be the 20% not the 80%.

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