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Hope you’re having a great week.

I just arrived back into Sydney today from my trip to five different cities in the US last week.

There were so many highlights, I’m not sure where to begin, but I’ll share some of the most profound ones with you that you may find insightful and inspirational.

Later next week I’m off to Phuket, Thailand for a major Entrepreneur Conference where I’ll be a guest speaker sharing many new breakthroughs I’ve discovered recently for how to take a business from 6 to 7-figures without adding more staff.

11651. First and probably most memorable was visiting my 99 year old grandmother who is still as sharp as they come.

She reminded me of a piece of wisdom she shared with me a few years back.

As she was commenting on what most feel is a “tough” economy today as compared to her vivid memory when the economic depression occurred back in the 30s, she said to me:

“Ari, successful people are made in good times and in bad times, so don’t ever forget, the “times” have nothing to do with it, it’s all about your own Mindset.”

I’ll let you sit with that so it sinks in.

2. Spending a full day with an established sales team of a $300 million company in New York last week was quite interesting.

It wasn’t a typical training session. I didn’t present. Instead we sat around a table in a very large conference room and we had a day long discussion about what they perceived as “obstacles” to them bringing in new sales.

In that discussion, one of the many things I uncovered holding them back, was a fear of letting go of trying to “control” the sales conversation, because they felt if they didn’t, they would “lose the sale”.

The big breakthrough came when they finally realized and made peace with the idea that if they could shift to connecting at a deeper level with their prospective clients based on their issues they haven’t fully realized yet, rather than trying to engineer their conversations around their products and services, they would be able to create genuine trust to determine if there really is a sales opportunity or not.

You see, most of us have been conditioned to assume the sale will happen if you move a prospect towards it.

But in this new economy, if you are perceived as focusing only on your goal of making the sale, rather than being a problem solver, you’ll continue to be stuck “chasing prospects”.

Start letting go of trying to control the way your prospects should think about you and your solution — instead, dive deep into their issues, stay there with them, until they say “how can you help me with this”.

3. Saturday in Los Angeles was our sold out Sales Breakthrough day. What an amazing experience that was.

I call it Sales Breakthrough day because that’s exactly what every single person in that room experienced.

At lunch time they all said they could go home and still feel they received more than 10 times the amount of value that they didn’t even expect to receive.

Why will they all now experience their most successful sales year ever?

Because in that room on Saturday, they opened up and shared their deep-seated fears about what might happen if they focussed entirely on creating trust with their prospects, rather than focusing on the “sale”.

They said things like:

“Won’t I be perceived as passive if I’m not aggressively pursuing my goal of the sale?”

“How do I set my monthly sales targets and ambitiously pursue them without applying pressure in the sales process?”

“If I’m not chasing every opportunity in front of me, then how do I maximize my productivity?”

Ah, the internal conflicts we still carry with us, based on the old sales conditioning that continues to prevent so many from being fully “present” with their potential clients.

What are the answers to the above you ask?

Those I will soon share with you in my upcoming updates to you.

Stay tuned…

Now I’m off to spend some personal time with my wife and kids.

Feel free to share your comments below.

Ari Galper

Ari Galper is the world’s number one authority on trust-based selling and is the most sought-after sales conversion expert for Business Owners. His newest book, “Unlock The Sales Game”, has become an instant best-seller worldwide. Ari has been featured in CEO Magazine, Forbes, INC Magazine and the Australian Financial Review. He is considered a contrarian in the sales industry and in his book, everything you learned about selling will be turned upside down. No more chasing, no pressure, no closing.

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  1. Johnson.

    Trust is always going to be one of those things that’s essential to sales. As the economy is in such a rough position at the moment, it’s good to see that people are going back to basics and remembering that it’s good, old honesty that forms strong client relationships.

    Melbourne, Australia

  2. Norma

    I suppose it’s a lot like this: Say a man wants nothing more than to marry a woman he has met. And say that, from the get-go, all he ever talked about was his desire that the relationship (which he never actually built) would result in a marriage between them. Well, the poor fellow perhaps had good intentions but he spent so much of his time with her (if not all of it) focussed on talking about the result he wanted such that the relationship slipped right past him. There’s just no way the woman is going to say yes if he proposes! And why is that? There’s no relationship/no trust built between them to speak of…just a wanna-be marriage! This may sound corny to some, but it’s what comes to my mind….lol I hope you can see a bit of humor in it as well as the fact that’s really a sad story in the end.

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  3. Daniel Rankin

    Your Gran…she’s a keeper! (or pronounced cooper in Aussi Land). Great insights. I can understand the pressure that sales reps feel when they don’t want to be perceived as “passive” when not pushing/chasing. Sales managers and everyone upline are under pressure to get immediate results. The sales rep must stick to his/her guns, be confident in their approach since after all, its their butt on the line too. Don’t get intimidated by traditional sales managment! Let Ari take care of them. cheers!

    Toronto Ontario Canada

  4. Meredith Bell

    Your grandmother is such a wise woman, Ari. Thank you for sharing the insights you’ve gained from your trip to the U.S. Even though I believe in and practice your system, your stories remind me how easy it is to slip into “sell” mode when I sense a person is showing interest. Great reminder to go deeper with the conversation.

    Newport News, VA

  5. Brian Keen

    I really respect the easy way you have with words Ari – most succinct yet strike home like bullets!


  6. George Macarthur

    Thanks for the information/feedback from your travels.
    What awesome words of wisdom from your Gran.

    New Plymouth New Zealand.

  7. Stephen Hall

    Boy I can see the resemblance!

    Neutral Bay NSW