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Russell Crowe, the circus, and taking you on a trip… Sydney, Australia

Yesterday was my 44th birthday and I celebrated by taking my kids to the Great Moscow Circus here in Sydney, Australia.

Sometimes getting older is a hard concept to accept, but since my grandmother turns 98 in November (and is still sharp as a tack), I’m feeling pretty good about how much time I have left in this world to do good things.

The circus was really amazing, especially the round steel cage with four motorcyclists riding inside the cage at high speeds… that was pretty crazy.

A pleasant surprise was when Russell Crowe sat just a few rows next to us with his wife and two boys. Many in the audience noticed him as he sat down, but no one seemed to approach him, probably out of respect for giving him some quality time with his family, I certainly respected that.

My uncle, Hal Galper, who is an accomplished Jazz pianist once said to me “Ari, whenever I do a gig at a concert, I always think to myself that my job is to take people who come see me on a magnificent ‘trip’, meaning they are taking a break from their busy lives, and are giving me tacit permission to take them to a new ‘place’ through my music during our time together.”

To this day, what he said rings so true.

Especially since I’ll be pouring my heart and soul into my 3-day live event “Sales Breakthrough 2010” coming up in Los Angeles, Nov. 8 – 10.

I plan on taking everyone who attends this special one-time only event on an unforgettable ‘trip’.

This is going to be a transformational experience for everyone. I’m spending countless hours writing and creating new sales tools and strategies so that during the three days together, all of the key learnings will be transferred and imbedded in the cellular memory of everyone who attends.

It’s going to be an in intensive hands-on workshop experience with me walking between each table in the room coaching everyone one-on-one.

I decided to limit the event to 100 primary attendees so that everyone can get personal attention, coaching from me and my team so they leave ready to experience incredible results.

Here are some of the questions that have come up about Sales Breakthrough 2010 that might still be on your mind:

“I already have your program Ari, what will I get out of coming to your event in Los Angeles?” —

You’re going to get INTENSIVE IMPLEMENTATION of what you’ve heard and seen on my CDs and DVDs. The biggest issue I hear is that people’s lives are so busy with daily interruptions, it’s difficult for them on their own to reach a level of mastery through self study alone. This is one of the main reasons why I decided to create and deliver this special intensive training experience so that those who attend can master the Mindset and leave with custom tools that will remove their remaining obstacles holding them back from making their personal breakthrough.

— “I don’t cold call, will your program and event still apply to me?” —

ABSOLUTELY. Unlock The Game started as an outbound selling program 10 years ago, but since then it has expanded to apply to every sales and client-related scenario that applies to any business in any industry. We have doctors, engineers, non-sales people, entrepreneurs, info marketers and business owners who hardly ever make just outbound phone calls…they are our most successful students! They have figured out how to apply Unlock The Game to every communication-point within their business from delicate conversations with patients, returning calls from inbound website leads, calling referrals without pressure, writing emails that get results without a sales pitch, applying the Mindset to social media and improving their sales team performance, it’s endless. If you’re in business and sell through any of the latter mediums, you don’t want to miss Sales Breakthrough 2010.
— “It’s too far for me to travel” —

Was just on the phone with a subscriber in London who wants to come but he said to me “..but it’s a 10 hour flight.” Then I reminded him I’ve got a 14 hour flight and other attendees are flying in from New Zealand, Singapore and other “far away places” to get expertise they’ll never find anywhere else. If you’re in the US or Canada, you’re probably just a few hours away. (He signed up once he realized it was his own negative self-talk stopping him from making a decision to attend.) Turns out just making a decision, yes or no, has paralyzed many people today who are just inches away from making a breakthrough. Moving forward is the only way to change your future.

— “I can’t afford it” —

If you don’t feel you can make an additional $10,000 in new sales over the next 12 months from what you’ve learned from just the FIRST DAY of the event, I’ll gladly refund your ticket amount and your hotel. Look, I’ve worked really hard to make this exclusive event an incredibly small investment in yourself. I keep hearing that I should charge a LOT more since I’m coming from Australia for this and I’m teaching myself for the entire 3 days. But I made the decision not to let the investment stop anyone who wants to attend to come and make their personal breakthrough, it’s my way of giving back. You can still bring a friend for free which makes your investment only half price and you can be sitting in the front row as a VIP.

As my grandmother (grandma Pearl as we affectionately call her) once said to me “Successful people are made in both good and tough times…the difference is not the times, it’s the person’s ability to make decisions which create their future.”

There’s only one thing that’s going to bring you more sales now and in the future, and it’s not how great your product is or how much you believe in it (that doesn’t work anymore in this commodity-based economy) — it’s how masterfully you create trust at every point of contact with your prospective and current clients, period.

See you in the front row…

To your success,

Ari Galper




P.S. Have a question about Sales Breakthrough 2010? Just post a note below or ask us in the chat box at the top of this page.

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  1. Raymond Nayo

    You’re right Ari, I need to stop making excuses why I can’t go to Sales Breakthrough 2010. My excuse was my wife questioning my decision. I’ve solved that by bringing her! See YOU in the front row!

    New York