The World’s #1 Authority On Trust-Based Selling

Stop “Following Up” With Leads And Do This Instead

Stop “Following Up” With Leads And Do This Instead

Interviewed by: Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier (Hustle & Flowchart Podcast)

Ari Galper is billed as “The World’s #1 Authority On Trust-Based Selling” and he is the creator of a very special and unique sales approach called ‘Unlock The Sales Game’. On today’s show, we chat about how Ari has created a completely new sales mindset that overturns the notion of selling as we know it today. He gives us some great examples of how to approach the sales process from the very first touchpoint and why you do not want to rush ahead, say specific things and even worry about building trust from the start as well as how to bridge the sales gap and diffuse resistance.

Ari’s trust-based selling strategies are a unique, fresh take on how business is done and after listening to our chat, he will be sure to give you a new outlook and mindset about how to sell, without having to compromise your integrity. When you’re done listening, go get some more sales advice from Wes Schaeffer and Felicia Pagesh.

Potential clients don’t care about how you solve their problem, what they care about is if you’re the one to solve it or not.” – Ari Galper