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The Key Lesson I Learned From My Son That Led To A Highly Effective Sales Approach


When my son was born, after about a day after he was born, we were told that he had Down Syndrome. At first we had no idea what that meant in our lives. But we realized what a gift he had on our hands.

What’s the natural gifts they have that others don’t have?

Love. They’re so transparent. They have no hidden agenda. They connect at a level we only wish we could.

And he inspired me so much, I wrote a book about him called “Lessons from Toby: How to Be Connected in Your Personal and Business Life with People.” And this became the foundation of our entire sales approach. At a transparent level, people, so they connect with you so quickly, they can’t help but to work with you.

A level where people feel right away, “He gets me.” “She gets me.” And when you get that with people, not only will they want to work with you, but they’ll pay you more than anybody else. Because there’s something about you that differentiates you.

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