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The Main Reason Why Potential Clients Are Not Calling You Back


If you can build trust inside your sales process, then you’ll get a major breakthrough in the money coming your way that you never thought possible.

How many of you right now have potential clients or customers somewhere at the seven o’clock position? You’re now chasing somebody.

Who’s chasing someone who you met and says, “Sounds good. We’re definitely interested.” Send me what? “Send me a proposal.”

Who’s got people right now in their pipeline that you’re chasing and who’s not calling you back?

Now you’re in a position where we have to chase them to get them back. That does not feel good, does it? That’s a break in trust. Something broke somewhere in your process.

Somewhere either between your steps of when you engage them or somewhere along the way where they didn’t feel comfortable calling you back and telling you the truth.

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