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The Ultimate Strategy That Will Encourage Buyers To Be Truthful With You


“Where do you think we should go from here?”

What do you think the other person is feeling and picking when they hear that from you?

“They’re treating me like a normal human being.”

“They’re being real.” Authenticity is exactly what sparks and creates trust on the first call with a customer. It’s your ability to break the stereotype from them of how they perceive you. Now, the thing is, no matter how nice you are and how good hearted you are, they’re still going to perceive you as a stereotype. That’s what they think selling is. So your goal is to break it. And that languaging in itself breaks that, with them feeling, like you said, respect, control.

And what they tell you is what? They tell you the truth! Because that is your goal now. Your goal is the truth of what they’re really thinking.

They trust you and feel comfortable with you, that you’re not going to pressure them into a yes or no.

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