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The World’s Most Powerful 60-Second Habit

A few weeks ago, my friend Perry Marshall mentioned to me a positive habit that he does every morning.

It’s so simple, that at first I didn’t think much of it.

Then I started doing it and am already starting feeling a sense of accomplish from it.

I’d recommend you try it as well.

Every morning after you wake up, write down one thing you accomplished the day before that moves you closer to your personal and/or professional goals.

Of all the daily rituals that I’ve tried over the years, this one has been the most effective in building accomplishment into my subconsious and keeping my on track.

Here are the 15 that I’ve written down over the past 15 days.

1. Hired fantastic SEO expert
2. Realized I need to attend Ali’s event and had Michelle agree
3. Learned valuable new ideas from our mastermind at Murrays
4. Finished publishing archived testimonials
5. Bonded with Dale and was invited to speak at his events
6. Secured trip to Ali’s event
7. Started launch process
8. Wrote new solid email broadcast, back in the writing flow
9. Kicked off product development with Dad
10. Got clear on creating a process for launching new products internally and externally
11. Starting writing launch emails, started product development process
12. Started CW sales process
13. Committed to taking Toby to his dance class every thursday
14. Completed entrepenuer decisionship training
15. Helped our team realize UTG changes lives, not just sales numbers

Feel free to share yours as well below as you begin this confidence-building habit.

To your success,

Ari Galper

Ari Galper

Ari Galper is the world’s number one authority on trust-based selling and is the most sought-after sales conversion expert for Business Owners. His newest book, “Unlock The Sales Game”, has become an instant best-seller worldwide. Ari has been featured in CEO Magazine, Forbes, INC Magazine and the Australian Financial Review. He is considered a contrarian in the sales industry and in his book, everything you learned about selling will be turned upside down. No more chasing, no pressure, no closing.

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  1. James Possible

    Just read your post Ari, it’s a brilliant idea. It is all too rare that we are taught to acknowledge our strengths and to celebrate our accomplishments. This is such a simple way to do so and at the same time a fabulous way to start one’s day.

    Like Perry suggested I’m going to give it 7 days and report back.

    The most exciting accomplishment for me yesterday was to meet with Delmae and to discuss my future with UTG.

    Oklahoma City, OK

  2. David Keeney

    A friend of mine offers frequently, the sage advice/consideration:

    What is the one thing that you can start doing today, and that you can continue doing, that will help move you closer to your primary goal? And,

    What is the one thing that you can STOP doing today, and discontinue going forward, that is inhibiting your progress toward your goal(s).

    As you alluded to: You don’t have to do everything all at once/multi-tasking is an oxymoron, but step by step, great things are accomplished/in some cases by what you choose to do, and also by what you choose not to do.

    All the best.


  3. Jackie

    This is very inspiring, I have a lot of downs lately personally and business. This will be very helpful to get my energy and positive feelings back.

    Thank You Very Kindly


  4. Donna

    That’s really thinking with the end in mind! Love the thought of setting a goal and making it focused and achievable. How many times have I had a list of things to do, only to end the day completing half and feeling pressured to do more the following day to catch up.
    Great Idea. Thanks Donna


  5. Mike

    Excellent idea. I’m going to keep a notebook file on my phone with yesterday’s best accomplishment. Certainly moves things in the right direction each morning.

    Dallas, TX

  6. Carlos Rosario

    Hi Ari,

    I have not commented before on any of the posts that I’ve received in my emails but this one was really good so I thought I would shoot a thank you over for sharing it. It is really simple but I do suspect very effective. Thanks for posting up your own 15 day list as it adds a lot of credibility. Its also helpful to see that your list is not filled with outrageous accomplishments. They are all small but effective accomplishments that do lead to a much larger goal. I like it a lot.

    Santa Clara, CA

    • Ari

      Hi Carlos, great comment there, especially when you said “Its also helpful to see that your list is not filled with outrageous accomplishments.” There’s a myth that really successful people spend their whole day achieving outrageous goals, but when you pull back the curtain, it’s the mini-goals that keep them focused on achieving the real big goals.

  7. Lynne Haynes

    Hello…I had read this yesterday, and intended to implement it immediately! Woke up, headed for the teapot, and then remembered what I had to do, so sat down and started it. The powerful switch of energy in motion has been started and it feels great, thank you!

    Nova Scotia, Canada

    • Ari

      Great job Lynne, you’ll soon feel the “groove”!

  8. Jodie Stanley

    Just brilliant Ari…thank you for being an Aussie and sharing with us what it takes to create real trust in selling. I have been to every sales seminar out there, nothing even comes close to what you teach. The results I’ve achieved just from your short talk is incredible. Keep it up!

    Qld, Australia

  9. Marcia

    This is a great idea. I am used to doing the default priority for the day but don’t always do a lookback. I will try this.

    Salt Lake City

  10. MJ, OH

    This sounds like a great idea – I think it could also be a positive way to end the day as well as start it so I think I might try both.

  11. Barbara Lopez,

    Hi Ari – I absolutely LOVE this tip. Instead of thinking about what we DIDN’T accomplish the day before, we’re starting with a positive – I’m going to start doing that. Thank you!

    -The Elevator Pitch Coach


    • Ari

      Hi Shel, good to see you’re taking action on this so quickly…you’ll be one of the first to see what I’m talking about!

  12. Adriel Brunson

    Thanks for this, you and Perry always inspire me to do better.

    I just posted this to my Facebook page and am adding this habit to move me forward.

    Orlando, FL

  13. Mo Bailey

    Thanks for the reframing Ari – I had done this before, yet not until you presented it to reach our sub-conscious, did I see it’s in this way.

    San Diego, CA – USA

  14. Perry

    Do this every day for a week and see how different you feel!


  15. Manny Morten

    This is really great Ari! I love the way you help us stay centered.

    Chicago, IL