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This Myth About The Sales Process May Be Holding Back Your Sales Potential


Myths that probably is still in the back of your mind around selling? I’m gonna, kind of, clean it out a bit and add some of this new stuff into it, get you… You can use some of these the next couple of weeks.

Okay, so you fill the blank for me:

Sales is a what game?

Is that a common one? You heard that before?

From the old sales gurus, right? What’s the concept behind that? The more contacts you make, what’s supposed to happen?

Supposedly, like, the more sales.

You know what we figured out, in this economy now? It’s not how many contacts you make. It’s about how deep you go on each conversation.

How good you are at trust-building, not how good you are having meetings. Alright?

Most companies measure their salespeople on how many contacts they have, how many demos they make, how many meetings they have, and they don’t look at anything below that. That’s pretty much it.

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