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Dear Friend,

If you’ve been a subscriber of mine for some time now, you probably know about the article I wrote about my son Toby’s second birthday called “Lessons From Toby”.

  Well, I just finished writing a new book that was inspired by the immense reaction to that article about the life wisdom I’ve gleaned from Toby.

  It was shortly after his second birthday that I decided to write the “Lessons From Toby” article because of the profound impact that he has had on me and my ability to live in the moment.

  Only a few minutes after this article was sent out via email, hundreds of heart-filled responses to the article starting pouring in from around the world with messages like this:

  “Thanks for bringing things into perspective and reminding me to view things with an open heart as Toby does. Also a wonderful lesson for all of us who are constantly pushed to do more in 24 hours than ever before. Good to hear from you and how generous of you to share this with us”.

  “Toby is the true ‘guru’…his wisdom about slowing down to focus is more applicable as each day passes”.

  “God bless you Toby for being the special person you are and for teaching us all such valuable lessons! You are much loved by many”.

“Thank you for helping us all be better people and to treat each other a little more humanely”.

  “Thank you, Toby – thanks for helping us focus on what truly is important in life…and realizing that it’s not what we tend to spend most of our time on. I would also like to thank you, Ari, for sharing your family with us”.

  And those are just a few of the hundreds of responses that have come in ever since I sent out that article.

  On Toby’s fourth birthday, I felt inspired to send out the article again to my subscribers at the beginning of the new year, because I realized that Toby’s wisdom is timeless, and everyone could probably use a reminder of what’s most important in life.

  To my surprise, sending out the same article again two years later got an even larger reaction. More and more emails flowed in saying, “We want more lessons from Toby” and “Help us stay centered in our business and personal lives as our lives move faster and faster.”

  Well, I was so inspired by how much the “Lessons From Toby” article meant to all of my clients and subscribers, I decided to sit down and write 52 life lessons inspired by all the comments and emails from the reactions to the article.

  I combed through hundreds of them, looked for the “wisdom nuggets,” and then wrote 52 “life lessons” that I felt Toby would write one day after living more years in his life.

  And that’s how this book came to be.

  This isn’t a “how to” book, it’s a “how to be” book.

  Many of you have already ordered copies of the book for your friends, family, and clients – thank you so much for that.

When you order “Lessons From Toby: 52 Life Lessons – Weekly Reminders to Keep You Centered in Both Your Personal and Business Life” you’ll get the:

 1)Hard book mailed to you


2)52 lessons from the “Toby Book” emailed to you, one every week, first one arrives a few minutes after you place your order

Order Toby’s book for ($13.95) here

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  (10% of all proceeds from the “Toby Book” will be donated to the Down Syndrome Association.)

To your success,

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