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Where Do You Really Lose A Sale? The Truth Will Surprise You!


Who’s had a deal pending that looked really positive? All symbols were green light. And at the end, it just fell through. You know what I’m talking about. Who’s been there before? You did all the hard work and at the end, it’s like-, it just doesn’t show up.

You know what we discovered?

We discovered now, the sales did not get lost any more at the end of the process. It’s actually lost where?

At the beginning.

And I’ll prove it to you right now and we’ll find a way. If someone calls your office tomorrow morning, and you pick up the phone, and you hear, “Hi, my name is… I’m with… We are a…” What goes through your mind in about three seconds?

It’s over at “Hello”.

Somewhere along the way, you are losing the majority of your revenue opportunities not at the end of your process, you’re losing it where?

At the beginning.

Which is so contrary to typical sales thinking.

Because sales thinking typically is about focusing on what? The sale. But when you go back over here and you realize it’s about trust, the sale happens by itself.

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