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Just this past May I was an invited speaker at the Glazer/Kennedy Super Conference in Dallas along with other speakers including Dan Kennedy, Joan Rivers and Harry S. Dent.

The topic was how to create trust and connect with your customers and clients so they stick with you for life.

Got a really great crowd, over 500 hundred entrepreneurs.

In most of my talks, I include a few minutes about my son Toby who has Down Syndrome.

I explain that he has had a profound impact in my life and has redefined for me what it really means to connect with others at a deep level.

The event was a success and there was literally a room-wide rush to get involved with my teachings related to selling and business.

A few weeks after the event back at home here in Sydney, I got a message from Brian Horn, who was someone in the audience during my talk back in Dallas.

His message was that, literally, his wife gave birth that morning to a new born named Jackson, who had Down Syndrome.


Jackson Horn taking a snooze July 4th

He wrote that both him and his wife were in a state of shock, completely overwhelmed to discover that Jackson, their first son, was going to be a little different than what they expected.

When I read his note, I started to get very emotional because I was in his exact shoes six years ago when my son Toby was born.

Brian was reaching out for support and understanding.

I found his phone number and called him that night.

Here’s what I had to say:

“Brian, what you are feeling and experiencing is completely acceptable and even expected given what’s happening right now.

Let me first tell you, that you have been given a GIFT, a beautiful child who will teach you things beyond what you could have ever imagined.

He will need more attention and caring than most other children as he grows up, but you will be well rewarded for that in ways that your life has never prepared you for.

Imagine throwing a small rock in a pond, and realizing that the touch of the water impacts the entire pond.

Jackson will impact you and your wife’s life in every way possible.

You’ll experience love in a way you never have before.

Everyone around you, in your personal and business life will become more human to you.

You’ll learn to care more about others.

As you become more successful in your entrepreneurial activities, Jackson will always be there to remind you about what is most important in life.

Jackson will teach you how to connect with others at a deep level.

Begin to let go of what you and your wife expected Jackson to be, and start to accept him for who he is.

Who he is, is your precious gift to cherish for the rest of your life.”

To your success,

Ari Galper

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