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Why Potential Clients Pretend To Be Interested When They’re Really Not


Somewhere along the way, it has become socially acceptable not to tell the truth to people who sell, right?

It’s okay to say things like, “Sounds good.” “Oh, we’re definitely interested.” “Oh, yes, please! Send me a, what? Information, brochure, proposal -I’m definitely interested!”

But without any intention of what? Of buying!

I was like, “What is going on here?”

Then I realized that what’s happening is that there is an invisible river of, sort of, pressure underneath the sales process that we do right now, unconsciously, that caused the other person to feel comfortable not telling us the truth. They feel comfortable putting their wall up, being nice to us, or playing a game. Not letting us down, but hoping we’ll just kind of be okay with the whole thing.

And I realize that is not right.

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