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This week I had the very fortunate opportunity to meet with Sir Richard Branson.

Richard Branson is what I call the “billionaire with a heart.”

Not only is he one of the most famous and respected entrepreneurs in the world, but he is quite unique in his willingness to be transparent about the entrepreneurial journey.

You see, most business leaders/gurus teach that “external” factors like better marketing, less competition or better product is the key to long term sustainable success.

But Richard shared this week that it’s much more than that.

Here’s a summary of my take aways from Richard Branson that I hope you find them valuable….

Curiosity Is King

To build and grow a successful business, means to have an innate ability to be curious about everything in life, not just business.

If you step forward into opportunities that are not exactly familiar to you, then you immediately begin to make observations about what is missing from that world or what needs improving within it.

The sands around your business are constantly shifting, look for the “dips” as new opportunities and stay open to unusual opportunities.

Be Passionate About Others

If you are not passionate about the people you can help the most or not passionate about your team’s potential, success will be elusive.

Harnessing the core needs of others and connecting to those needs are the core elements of trust between people.

Make that bond so strong, that others around you can feel that you are not just passionate about what you do, but you are passionate about others who are in your “ecosystem” — then your success becomes their success.

Listen and Learn

Many ambitious but non-successful entrepreneurs have a tendency to talk a lot and listen a little.

They talk a lot because hearing themselves makes them feel in control.

Richard shared that if you are constantly listening, no matter how successful you are, you’ll reach beyond any obstacle that might try to stand in your way.

Listening to others exponentially speeds up the time that you find new opportunities to get you back on track.

The Entrepreneurial Journey Is An “S” Curve

I live at the top of a hill in Sydney that requires driving up a long windy “s” curve to get home.

Every time I drive home on those curves, it reminds me, as Richard pointed out, that the entrepreneurial journey is never a straight line.

There will be bends, twists and turns that will appear to take you off course.

But when you realize that coming off an “s” curve is exactly where you are supposed to be, you reach a level of calmness that gives you the strength to move forward.

Thank you, Richard, for the wise lessons that I will keep for a lifetime….

To your success,

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