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3 Simple Words That Will Diffuse The Objections Of Potential Clients


If someone says to you, “Your price is too high”, we’re supposed to do what? What if you told someone on the phone that their price was too high and they try to overcome the objection? What would go through your mind? He’s being pushy. Because overcoming objection triggers what? Pressure. And your goal is to pull pressure out of the entire process.

Your goal is to defuse objections, not overcome them. Because objections contain pressure.

If you overcome some of those objections, it puts pressure on you to do it. And it puts pressure on them to respond back and just destroys the whole conversation with somebody. Okay, so I’m gonna give you three important words that I want you to use every time somebody gives you an objection.

“That’s not a problem.”

“We don’t have a budget.” “That’s not a problem.”

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