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Being Your Natural Self Saves Your Sales Call from Disaster -Here’s Why


Be your natural self. And that’s the whole idea here.

So what happens when we take on a role, when we say, “Go sell something”, we automatically get ready for battle, right? We sort of get nervous. Or think, “Okay, what do we say next? What’s our pitch?” And we’re ready to sort of handle all this back and forth.

And that, in itself, creates what inside of you? Tension! And what does that send across the phone to the other person? The tension. And that’s what creates the pressure that triggers rejection. Are you seeing that step 1-2-3? Okay?

So you fix the first part, which is you. How you answer the call, how you begin the conversation. You never trigger the pressure. Because that triggers rejection. And that often goes away 100%. That’s a simplified way of looking at this.

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