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The One Question To Ask to Get the Most Honest Answers from Potential Clients


When you say to somebody, “Where do you think we should go from here?” Usually, they’re in a state of shock. “I can’t believe somebody would actually ask them where they want to go!”

And when you tell someone this, you know what happens?

They start coming out with things you never thought was even possible. They say things like, “Wow, I’ve got one more question.” “Wait, wait, what about this?”

All of a sudden, you’ve given them permission to tell you what?

The truth.

And if you could unlock this in your process -early days, not the end here, or from the beginning -you’ll have people feel comfortable telling you where you stand all the way down the roads. You’re not chasing what I call ghosts anymore. People will tell you things that aren’t true, right? Because it’s our responsibility to make the other person feel comfortable telling us the truth.

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