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The Right Way To Sell – And The Wrong Way We’ve Been Doing It

by | Oct 30, 2020


Focus on the truth with someone and not the sale.

When you think like that, what happens is trust begins to emerge between you and them. And they feel comfortable telling you certain things, which now allows the walls to come down and they share with you where they stand. If you know where they stand, then, together, you can decide if you’re a fit or not.

If you’re a fit, then wonderful. Then you work together and they become a client.

If they’re not a fit, then you walk away with integrity.

Now, here’swhere it’s different from everybody else out there. In sales, we’re taught to chase anything that what? Moves. Right? Inbound lead referral. We’re so conditioned to do what? To chase. We have no filter to figure out who’s a fit, and who’s not a fit.

So we end up playing the chasing game, wondering why are we not being productive? Why am I not converting more? Because we’re conditioned to chase whatever looks like it could be an opportunity.

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