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This Complete Game Changer Will Lead You To Your Ideal Clients


So imagine you have this filter, on top of what you’re doing right now, to select your ideal clients.

I invented my own, what I call trust-based languaging -my own phrases and words to use to activate this in real-time. I’m gonna share with you one of the core principles. The first principle is the idea of defusing pressure. Always taking that pressure out of the moment to allow them to feel comfortable telling you how they really feel what the truth is.

It’s based on the concept of if someone comes at you with resistance, rather than overcoming it, you do what instead? You diffuse it. And how you do that is using trust-based languaging.

Let me give you one example right now.

Let’s say you’re on the phone with somebody. A first conversation with the potential client.Good conversation. Good chemistry.

Good opportunity for you, it could be. Call comes to a close. Rather than saying, “Hey, how about we meet for coffee? How about we go-, how about we move forward?”

Well, what you might want to say instead is this, and you may want to write this one down, what we say is, “Where do you think we should go from here?”

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