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Two Truths About the Most Popular Selling Beliefs That’ll Change Your Sales


Who’s heard this one before? Overcome objections. Right? What happens?

You try to overcome an objection, what they’re telling you is true. What do you break with them right there if you try to overcome what they’re telling you they believe it’s true?

You break trust, right?

And our role, we don’t overcome objections. What we do is we defuse objections, we take the walls down, reengage again to preserve the relationship. Last was a big one.

This idea of “rejection is part of the sales game.” Who created that one? Anyone know? It came from the old sales manager who said, “Hey, if you can’t get out there and can’t take rejection, if you can’t take a no, if you can’t, kind of, take a few hits, you’re not made for what? Success!” You know what I’m talking about. You know, the image in my mind.

You know, we discovered, get this, rejection actually is triggered by certain things you say and do unconsciously that caused the other person to pull back on you.

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