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Don’t Go In Cold

In the old days, you could make a sales call to a prospect, then “fish” for their issues in order to spark up a conversation…remember those days?? I certainly do…and have a fond memory of how easy it was to …

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Fighting the good fight

Fighting The Good Fight – Peter’s Story

During World War Two, our military relied heavily on our Naval Submarines to attack and sink the enemy ships. Early in the war, the submarine torpedoes were upgraded and the combat strategy was changed in order to better equip the subs. Unfortunately, …

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Ari Galper and Richard Branson

Wise lessons I learned from Richard Branson….

This week I had the very fortunate opportunity to meet with Sir Richard Branson. Richard Branson is what I call the “billionaire with a heart.” Not only is he one of the most famous and respected entrepreneurs in the world, …

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Lessons From Toby

Lessons From Toby… Timeless Wisdom For The New Year!

ORDER HERE >> $13.95 Dear friend, In the past few weeks, I’ve been reflecting on an important part of my life that has taught me some lessons I wanted to share with you. Something happened to me on my son …

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